Batch Freezers

We offer a wide selection of both vertical and horizontal batch freezers to suit your needs.  Batch freezers churn and freeze your liquid ice cream or sorbet base mix to create a wonderful creamy, frozen dessert.  This process incorporates air (overrun) into the mixture, giving ice cream its characteristic texture.  Our machines offer complete flexibility to create the product you want, with high or low overun programmes to control the density and innovative practical features to make your life easier.  Plus we offer the largest single phase batch freezers on the UK market.

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When choosing a batch freezer

We offer two types of batch freezer for ice cream and sorbet – Vertical and Horizontal. So called because of the position of their freezing barrel within the machine.  Telme Vertical machines allow constant visibility of product from above through a clear lid and inclusions can be added directly to the barrel for even distribution.  Valmar Horizontal machines benefit from a front mounted ingredient hopper and taller door height. Why not test drive both? From small restaurant-sized machines up to a mammoth 200 litres per hour for a large artisan ice cream manufacturer, there is something for everyone.

Telme Pratica Range

The Pratica Vertical batch freezer is reliable, user-friendly and competitively priced. The vertical barrel and transparent lid al…

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Telme Ecogel T Range

The Ecogel T Vertical batch freezer range offers all the benefits of the Pratica range but with superior performance and additiona…

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Valmar Snowy TTi Range

Featuring the cutting-edge Valmar TTi combisystem, the Snowy TTi horizontal batch freezer is the Valmar flagship model and the cre…

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Valmar Snowy Q Range

Valmar Snowy Quick horizontal batch freezers are hard-working and heavy-duty producing quality and consistent results. Easy to us…

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Valmar Snowy M Range

The Valmar Snowy M horizontal batch freezer is electromechanical, easy to use and competitively priced Easy to use and clean The f…

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Valmar Easy TTi Range

The Valmar EASY TTi horizontal batch freezer is designed for ultimate performance in small spaces! It is the first space-saving ho…

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