Whether you want to pasteurise raw milk or create your own ice cream base mix, we have the right machine for you. We offer a wide range of easy to use pasteurisers and can help you choose the right one for your needs.  Some have pre-set programmes, in-built dataloggers and wifi technology to help make your reporting easier.  60 litre single phase machines and up to 180 litres if you have 3 phase, there’s something for everyone.

Telme Evopasto Range

The Telme Evopasto pasteuriser offers great quality at a competitive price. Great for pasteurising raw milk and ice cream mix, coo…

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Telme Ecomix T Range

The Telme Ecomix T pasteuriser is perfect for milk, ice cream mix and yoghurt. It cooks and cools whilst offering a host of additi…

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Valmar Sweety TTi Range

The Valmar Sweety TTi pasteuriser line raises the bar in the preparation of gelato and ice cream mixes! With this technology, you …

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Valmar Sweety Q Range

Valmar Sweety Quick electronic pasteurisers are reliable and efficient. Their bain-marie heating and cooling system allows total c…

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