Pozzetti Counters

The Pozzetti counter offers a traditional approach to storing and serving ice creams and gelato. Unlike Napoli cabinets that visually showcase the product to customers, Pozzetti counters store frozen treats in individual cylindrical containers, each equipped with its own lid/cover. This method of storage is technically superior for maintaining optimal temperatures and preserving the product for an extended period, particularly in warmer serving conditions.  The counters are available as glycol or ventilated refrigeration.

Glycol Pozzetti Counter

Pozzetti counters store ice cream or gelato in sealed wells, minimizing exposure to external elements and maintaining a consistent…

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Vista Visible Pozzetti

The “Vista” line. The new glycol cooled pozzetti where the gelato can be seen. The true revolution of the traditional gelato d…

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Joy Mobile Pozzetti

A gelato display solution also for outdoor use. The ideal product to create an ice cream corner for events, meetings and catering….

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