Telme Ecogel T Range

The Ecogel T Vertical batch freezer range offers all the benefits of the Pratica range but with superior performance and additional features.

  • Energy efficient – two parallel refrigeration systems
  • Intuitive colour touch screen with high/overrun programmes
  • Range of sizes – right up to 200 litres per hour
  • Inverter for varying the speed of the beater motor.
  • Flexible liquid volumes with low minimum batch quantity
  • Ice cream inclusions can be added during the freezing process, evenly distributing them and saving time.
  • New for 2024, Telme Cloud wifi technology! Download your own data and allow us to remotely access your machine for diagnostic and programming help!

Established in 1987 in Codogno Italy, Telme are manufacturers of high performance machines to satisfy bars, ice cream shops, pastisseries, restaurants and hotels. Offering quality at a competitive price, we are proud to be the UK distributor of Telme equipment since 2005.

Flexible and Energy efficient

The Telme Ecogel T is available in four sizes with the largest producing up to 200 litres per hour. Flexibility is key. Make smaller batches when you need to or increase your batch size in busy periods whilst keeping the same consistency of product. All Ecogel T machines are equipped with the patented DSRS (Dual Stage Refrigeration System) to enable rapid freezing, reducing nominal power use by 20%.

For smaller batches the refrigeration system switches to using only one, saving up to 40% more energy.

Huge range of programmes

The Ecogel T features an intuitive touchscreen with 15 temperature programmes for traditional gelato, as well as 3 “High Overrun” programmes and 3 “Low Overrun” programmes. Something for everyone.

There are also adaptable free programmes so you can save the process for your regular products.

    Options to suit your business

    ModelMax Hourly I/C
    Max Vol Per Batch
    (Liquid Mix)
    Min Vol Per Batch
    (Liquid Mix)
    DimensionsPower Usage
    Ecogel T 30-9090 L11 L4 LW510xD700xH1150 mm22 A – 8,5 Kw V 400/50/3
    Ecogel T 40-120120 L18 L5 LW600xD780xH1250 mm27 A – 12 Kw V 400/50/3
    Ecogel T 50-160160 L24 L8 LW600xD780xH1250 mm32 A – 13 Kw V 400/50/3
    Ecogel T 60-200200 L30 L15 LW620xD850xH1250 mm32 A – 13 Kw V 400/50/3

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