Valmar Snowy TTi Range

Featuring the cutting-edge Valmar TTi combisystem, the Snowy TTi horizontal batch freezer is the Valmar flagship model and the creme de la creme of horizontal batch freezers.

Valmar Snowy TTi batch freezers allow you to process small and large quantities of gelato, with production flexibility and speed. The specially designed blade and high-performance scrapers spread gelato on the whole cylinder surface thus avoiding the excessive  freezing of gelato on the blades or in the middle  of the cylinder.

  • 4.3″ LCD Touchscreen featuring 16 preset programmes
  • 5 free programmes to save your favourite processes
  • Range of sizes – up to 27kg per batch
  • The Valmar ECS system allows full accessibility through Wifi for downloading and uploading key information.

Established in 1987, Valmar Global is an innovative manufacturer of specialised machines for ice cream production, confectionery, food service and Ho.Re.Ca. Based in Volcja Draga, Slovenia, Valmar is known worldwide for seamlessly integrating cutting edge technology with reliability in all their machines.  We are proud to be the UK distributor of Valmar products since 2008.

Valmar Combisystem

The cutting-edge Valmar COMBISYSTEM is the unique and innovative batch freezing system patented by Valmar and installed in all the batch freezers of the TTi series. The system automatically adjusts to your process demands, selecting the optimal batch freezing method based on the recipe, workflow, and production rate. As a result the processed gelato does not melt quickly and is perfectly creamy, soft and easy to be worked with a spatula, even at core temperatures of -12°C. Standard overrun up to 40% of mix weight.

Start & Stop Extraction Mode

The “Start&Stop” extraction mode, onboard all Valmar TTi batch freezers, allows you to decrease and increase the beater speed just pressing a key, thus interrupting and resuming the gelato flow.

This way you’ll have all the time you need to garnish the pan you are creating: no need to keep opening and closing the ejection gate when making variegato! And the product structure will stay just perfect from the first pan to the last.

Options to suit your business

ModelMax Hourly I/C
Max Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
Min Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
DimensionsPower Usage
Snowy 5 TTi45 L5 Kg1.5 KgW521xD721+241xH1454 mm16 A – 7 Kw – V400/50/3
Snowy 5 TTi 1PH42 L5.5 Kg1.5 KgW521xD721+241xH1454 mm32 A – 6 Kw – V230/50/1
Snowy 7 TTi60 L7.5 Kg1.5 KgW521xD721+241xH1454 mm16 A – 7.6 Kw – V400/50/3
Snowy 12 TTi100 L12.5 Kg2 KgW521xD721+242xH1454 mm20 A – 10.9 Kw – V400/50/3
Snowy 16 TTi130 L15.5 Kg3 KgW611xD839+241xH1454 mm25 A – 15.3 Kw – V400/50/3
Snowy 18 TTi150 L18 Kg3 KgW611xD839+241xH1454 mm25 A – 16.2 Kw – V400/50/3
Snowy 27 TTi220 L27 Kg4 KgW611xD925+241xH1454 mm32 A – 21 Kw – V400/50/3