Telme Pratica Range

The Pratica Vertical batch freezer is reliable, user-friendly and competitively priced. The vertical barrel and transparent lid allows complete visibility of the product at all times.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio, superb for new businesses 
  • Intuitive automatic controls are easy to use.
  • Time or temperature controlled programme
  • Simple process to fill the batch freezer and to add ingredients.
  • Ice cream inclusions can be added during the freezing process, evenly distributing them and saving time.
  • Available in single phase power models

Established in 1987 in Codogno Italy, Telme are manufacturers of high performance machines to satisfy bars, ice cream shops, pastisseries, restaurants and hotels. Offering quality at a competitive price, we are proud to be the UK distributor of Telme equipment since 2005.

Creamy gelato every time

Easy to use, the Pratica is available in a range of sizes to produce up to 75 litres per hour.

A time-controlled cycle produces ideal ice cream/gelato texture and consistency, whilst the temperature cycle always achieves the same result with different quantities of processed mix. Quick cycle times of 8-12 minutes per batch.

Ice cream inclusions can be added during the freezing process, evenly distributing them and saving time.

Practical design

The transparent lid makes it easy to keep an eye on the ice cream making process from start to finish.

Removable and replaceable low-cost scraper elements reduce your ongoing costs.

Quick, automatic dispensing of the product when the cycle is finished.

A removable washing unit is included to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Options to suit your business

ModelMax Hourly I/C
Max Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
Min Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
DimensionsPower Usage
Pratica 9-12 3 phase9 L2 L1 LW410xD510xH590 mm7 A – 1,2 Kw V 400/50/3
Pratica 9-12 1 phase9 L2 L1 LW410xW510xH590 mm8 A – 1,2 Kw V 230/50/1
Pratica 15-25 3 phase25 L4 L2 LL470xD510xH960 mm5 A – 2,4 Kw V 400/50/3
Pratica 15-25 1 phase25 L4 L2 LW470xD510xH960 mm11 A – 2,4 Kw V 230/50/1
Pratica 35-50 3 phase50 L7 L3 LW490xD700xH1120 mm8 A – 3,5 Kw V 400/50/3
Pratica 35-50 1 phase50 L7 L3 LW490xD700xH1120 mm22 A – 3,5 Kw V 230/50/1
Pratica 42-6060 L8 L4 LW490xD700xH1120 mm15 A – 6,7 Kw V 400/50/3
Pratica 54-8475 L11 L7 LW490xD700xH1150 mm21 A – 7,5 Kw V 400/50/3

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