Glycol Pozzetti Counter

Pozzetti counters store ice cream or gelato in sealed wells, minimizing exposure to external elements and maintaining a consistent temperature. The glycol cooled pozzetti system surrounding the carapina tins is the best technology available to keep your product artisinal gelato in perfect condition.

  • Storage layer underneath top layer
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Classical design

Keeping your gelato in perfect condition

Featuring the top layer of pans plus another row underneath for storage. The same temperature is maintained throughout the upper and lower carapina pan because of the glycol system enabling you to scoop the gelato in storage immediately when needed

Traditional Choice

The Pozzetti counters provide a traditional and classic aesthetic. While they may not visually display the products in the same impactful way as open Napoli cabinets, they contribute to a more authentic and traditional presentation of frozen desserts.

Options to suit your business

ModelNumber of Displayed Pozzetti TinsDimensionsPower Usage
Glycol Pozzetti 22L650xW440xH950 mm220/1/50-60Hz
Glycol Pozzetti 33L890xW440xH950 mm220/1/50-60Hz
Glycol Pozzetti 44L1130xW440xH950 mm220/1/50-60Hz
Glycol Pozzetti 55L1370xW440xH950 mm220/1/50-60Hz
Glycol Pozzetti 66L1610xW440xH950 mm220/1/50-60Hz