Valmar Sweety TTi Range

The Valmar Sweety TTi pasteuriser line raises the bar in the preparation of gelato and ice cream mixes! With this technology, you can expect high quality mix emulsion, pasteurisation, ageing and storage combined with unprecedented functionality to make your life easier.

  • Available in 60kg, 120kg and 175kg models
  • Single Phase 60kg option available
  • 29 pre-set programmes
  • In-built inverter for ultimate stirrer control and foam reduction.
  • In-built datalogger. Perfect for environmental health reporting and diagnostics.
  • The Valmar ECS system allows full accessibility through Wifi for downloading and uploading key information.

Established in 1987, Valmar Global is an innovative manufacturer of specialised machines for ice cream production, confectionery, food service and Ho.Re.Ca. Based in Volcja Draga, Slovenia, Valmar is known worldwide for seamlessly integrating cutting edge technology with reliability in all their machines.  We are proud to be the UK distributor of Valmar products since 2008.

Programmes to Suit

The 4.3” LCD touchscreen has clear and intuitive icons that enable to manage and monitor each operating phase. The user can choose to operate the machine in Touch mode or in the traditional Type mode.

Thanks to the new PLC management system, Sweety TTi has 29 different programmes designed to precisely meet your needs. There are also free programmes to save your own processes. The inverter allows full speed control.

Perfect batch every time

Bain Marie heating and cooling guarantees a uniform temperature throughout the tank preventing hot spots and the risk of burning. Lower minimum batch quantities are possible offering greater flexibility for speciality recipes. Thanks to the inverter, the stirrer can reach 2500 rpm for ultimate ingredient dispersion and mixing (particularly in the 180 l models). The mix flow restraint system reduces foam.

Options to suit your business

ModelMin Vol Per BatchMax Vol Per BatchDimensionsPower Usage
Sweety 60 TTi 1PH20 L60 LW250xD983xH1046+100 mm32 A – 13kW V240/50/1
Sweety 60 TTi20 L60 LW250xD983xH1046+100 mm20 A – 8 kW V400/50/3
Sweety 130 TTi40 L125 LW521xD983xH1046+100 mm32 A – 13 kW V400/50/3
Sweety 180 TTi60 L175 LW649xD983xH1046+100 mm40 A – 16 kW V400/50/3