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Ice Cream Knowledge & Expertise

Artisan ice cream

We can help you make a success of artisan ice cream.

Artisan ice cream, or Gelato, is a unique product which can’t be replicated by high street restaurant chains or supermarkets. The luxury ice cream market has grown in leaps and bounds since we opened Giovanni’s Gelateria, our own ice cream parlour, in Hereford in 1983. UK customers’ taste buds are now much more educated and ice cream is a proven profit maker that perfectly complements many different businesses. Our clients include cafés, restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, health food shops, garden centres as well as ice cream parlours. Ice cream is also an ideal product for dairy farmers looking for ways to diversify and increase profits.

The luxurious taste of a freshly made artisan ice cream is hard to beat! That’s because artisan ice cream uses only the simplest ingredients: milk, sugar and cream.

Artisan ice cream is a fresh product too. Dairy farmers can milk their cows at dawn, use the milk to make ice cream in the morning and sell it in the afternoon. Many of our customers are dairy farmers who have diversified into ice cream making. (To read some of their stories, visit Case Studies.)

Find out more Download information on Giovanni’s Gelateria

Why set up an artisan ice cream business?

Making and selling your own artisan ice cream gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and to make a great name for yourself. You can create your own product range and develop your own flavours – your imagination is your limit!

Luxury ice cream is big business with high profit margins. For information on the set up costs and the all-important profitability, download Artisan ice cream, knowledge and expertise leaflet here.

What support can RSS Hereford offer you?

From dairy farmers looking to increase the profitability of their milk to bakers looking to develop their product range we can help. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to advise you on setting up your ice cream business, marketing it and more.

We provide training for you and your staff. We have a professional demonstration laboratory so you can find out how easy it is to make artisan ice cream. We give you recipes you can use while you’re developing your own range.

We also offer a full shop design service. We can design, supply and fit a complete ice cream shop from production machines to display cabinets, fixtures and fittings. And on your opening day, we’ll make sure someone is there to help make your ice cream while you get on with meeting your new customers.

When you purchase ice cream making or display equipment from us, you become part of a family. We’re proud to say that our clients become friends we stay in contact with for many years. Our role in our ongoing relationship is to provide you with new ideas on how to grow your business and take it from strength to strength. Whether it’s a new product or a new piece of equipment, you can tap into our or our contacts artisan ice cream expertise and experience.

Expanding your artisan ice cream business

Expansion is easy with batch equipment. When you can no longer keep up with your production requirements in the time you have available, increase your capacity by upgrading to a larger machine or by simply buying another one to work alongside the equipment you already have. This second scenario allows you more flexibility in your production rates and minimises downtime.

Gelato demonstration days

New to ice cream making?

Visit our Hereford demonstration laboratory and be introduced to the wonderful world of gelato in our “Introduction to Gelato” ice cream demonstration day. Ideally suited to newcomers you will see how we use our machines to make artisan ice cream and fruit ice and how we can help you to make your own. You will have every opportunity to discuss, examine and sample the end product as well as ask any questions you may have about the world of artisan ice cream. This is an informal group demonstration . You also get to eat as much ice cream as you like and the day is free including a buffet lunch!

Experienced ice cream maker?

If you are looking to upgrade your existing ice cream production equipment and want to see our machines in action we have the perfect day for you. Come and have a play in our demo lab and try our machines before you buy! We can even bring the equipment to your premises to demonstrate. Our potting machine often goes on a nationwide tour!!

To find out more about either of the demos above or to book a place on our next demonstration day follow the link and fill in your details and we will get straight back to you. Alternatively, you can telephone Laura Mitchell on 01432 851531 for more information.

This space is also available for hire – for details, please contact Laura Mitchell.

Why choose RSS?

We believe we can add value to your business with a high level of service and with knowledgeable personnel available within the company. We offer:

  • 24 months parts warranty on all NEW ice cream equipment * T&C apply
  • market leading energy and water efficient equipment
  • invaluable telephone support: up to 70% of expensive service call outs are avoided by being solved over the telephone
  • a well stocked UK spares department or next day shipment from our supplier
  • in house loan equipment to provide essential cover in the unlikely event of a breakdown
  • dedicated installation and training technicians
  • dedicated service team at head office with nationwide service contractors
  • retailing and promotion ideas and training especially for the ‘out of season periods’ e.g. ice cream cakes and desserts for autumn and Christmas periods
  • ongoing support for product development
  • small, customer focussed team with supportive suppliers
  • innovative product offering to help customers maximize their business potential
  • national customer network from the Shetland Islands in the north to Hayling Island in the south.

Many of our successful customers were novices in the food service business and greatly benefited from the first hand advice and training RSS were able to give them. Details of these businesses who are happy to talk to prospective RSS customers are available upon request.