Scooping Success with Llanfaes Dairy – A Sweet 28-Year Partnership

In the summer of 1996, the idea to craft their own ice cream was hatched by Llanfaes Dairy in collaboration with John James from RSS Hereford. What began as an accompanying product for their existing convenience store business turned into a delicious journey of entrepreneurship and family legacy.

Llanfaes Dairy, the beginning

Paul and Eirlys Cole, the ice cream dream-team at Llanfaes Dairy, met John from RSS Hereford and a long friendship was born. Taking the leap into ice cream making and retail with John’s help, their dedication was so contagious that it extended to their son Dean and daughter Jenna, ensuring the sweet legacy continues to the present day.

Throughout the 28-year partnership, RSS Hereford played a pivotal role in shaping and supporting Llanfaes Dairy’s growth. Let’s take a flavourful trip down memory lane:

1996 – The Sweet Beginning: RSS Hereford provided the first shop in Brecon with both ice cream production and retail space, introducing a 16-flavor display that captured the essence of their handmade ice creams.

2001 – Scooping On the Move: As success demanded mobility, RSS Hereford rose to the challenge and delivered a mobile gelato trailer featuring a professional scooping cabinet, bringing the delightful experience to various locations.

2002 – A Site Overhaul: With ice cream becoming the main focus, RSS redesigned the entire site, closing the previous business to focus entirely on ice cream making. The new shop boasted 42 flavours on display, creating a haven for ice cream enthusiasts.

2006 – Expanding Horizons: Never content with standing still, a new takeaway shop emerged in central Brecon, broadening the reach of Llanfaes Dairy’s scrumptious offerings.

2012 – A Fresh Scoop: RSS Hereford gave the Brecon shop a facelift and replaced cabinets, ensuring a fresh presentation to match the quality of the ice cream.

2016 – On-the-Go Scooping: Recognizing the need for versatility, separate stand-alone scooping cabinets were supplied for trade shows and pop-up exhibitions, bringing the joy of Llanfaes Dairy wherever the road led.

2022 – A Fresh Look: Dean created a business rebrand and counter refresh at Brecon accompanied by a Ciam cabinet upgrade, reflected the evolving identity of Llanfaes Dairy.

Llansfaes Dairy, Brecon

2023 – Cardiff Calling: The Llanfaes Dairy/RSS Hereford partnership reached new heights with a full design and Ciam cabinet installation for Dean’s second shop in Cardiff, featuring its own Gelato production area and an energy-saving central refrigeration plant.

As RSS Hereford reflects on nearly three decades of collaboration, we take immense pride in the relationship forged with Llanfaes Dairy. Two generations of family on both sides of the businesses have woven a story of success, challenges, and sweet triumphs.

Each challenge met over the years has reaffirmed RSS Hereford’s commitment to delivering solutions with their vast experience and unparalleled range of products. The aim is clear – to provide the most professional equipment that will serve Llanfaes Dairy through present moments of triumph and the countless successes awaiting them in the years to come. Sweetness is not just in the ice cream but in the enduring partnership that continues to flourish. Cheers to 28 years of scooping success! 🍦✨

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