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Display Cabinets

We supply glass display and serve-over cabinets by CIAM and Sevel. They are available for ice cream, chocolate, bread, hot or refrigerated products.

All the cabinets are available as stand-alone pieces to complement your existing counter system or ‘unfinished’ for inclusion by a shop fitter.

We can design a bar counter system around any of these cabinets or your existing cabinets. For more information and a gallery of our previous work, visit Counter Design and Fitting.


CIAM is a prestigious company in supplying equipment and design for bar, pastry, ice-cream and shops in general. Over the years this company has distinguished for reliability, punctuality and great quality of its own products.

Sevel cabinets

Based in Turkey, Sevel manufactures stand alone display cabinets for the catering industry. With many stylish designs incorporating curved front glasses, sloping display decks and heated glasses, these cabinets are available for ice cream, patisserie or hot foods.

Tekna vertical display freezers

We also offer a range of vertical display freezers. These combine a fridge for chilled products and a freezer for frozen products.