Streamlining Operations at Le Delice

Le Delice, a charming family-run French Boulangerie & Patisserie nestled in the heart of Malvern, Worcestershire, has been delighting customers with its fresh artisan bread and exquisite patisserie for over 20 years. Needing to make their superior patisserie products more efficiently, they approached RSS Hereford to find a solution.

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The Challenge

Jean Michel, the owner of Le Delice, approached us with a challenge. One of his key team members was set to return to France, leaving a void in the kitchen. Recognizing the need for an efficient solution to maintain the quality and pace of their culinary creations, Jean Michel sought our assistance in finding a suitable replacement. The Telme Ribot Multifunctional machine emerged as a promising candidate, given its versatility in cooking, cooling, steaming, freezing, chopping, whipping, beating, and kneading.

The Decision-Making Process

Years earlier, Jean Michel met the Telme team at the International pastry and bakery show. The positive feedback received from friends in France who had already invested in the Telme Ribot reinforced the machine’s credibility. As the UK Telme agents we were pleased to be able to invite his team to our demo kitchen to use the Ribot and see the benefits. Time saving,

The Solution

Le Delice chose a Telme Ribot 10 machine, complete with full installation and comprehensive training by our team. The multifunctional capabilities of the Ribot were particularly advantageous for Le Delice, and within a short space of time they were making macaroons, hot creme patissiere, lemon curd and jam as well as different flavours of ice cream.

A Successful Collaboration

The collaboration between Le Delice and RSS Hereford has proven to be a recipe for success. By investing in innovative and multifunctional technology, Le Delice not only maintained its commitment to delivering high-quality French delicacies but also increased operational efficiency. The Telme Ribot’s seamless integration into the kitchen workflow showcased the potential of modern culinary equipment in enhancing traditional craftsmanship. Le Delice continues to delight its customers with an ever-expanding repertoire of culinary delights.

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