Helping Latchetts Farm Unlock New Potential

Dairy farmer Grant Butler, owner of Latchetts Farm, was no stranger to farm diversification when he met Neil from RSS Hereford at a trade show. This encounter would mark the beginning of a transformative journey into the world of ice cream production, turning his once-empty barn into a thriving ice cream haven.

Initial Engagement

Ice cream on the farm was a new concept to Grant. Intrigued by the offer of a site visit, free advice and our comprehensive design and planning services, he enlisted our expertise to explore the concept. Within three months, our team had successfully executed their promises, delivering a fully operational ice cream production area and retail space using existing farm buildings at his site.

Overcoming Power Constraints

Single Phase Power at Latchetts Farm? No problem. No need to settle for smaller ice cream production equipment if three phase isn’t an option. RSS Hereford offer the biggest on the market, a single phase 60-litre pasteuriser and 7-litre batch freezer. This allowed Grant to start ice cream production at a professional level whilst managing the other demands of farm life.

Creating the Perfect Retail Space

Latchetts Farm

The center-piece of the Latchett Farm barn transformation is the Ciam bar counter, seamlessly integrating an 18 flavour, dual-ventilated ice cream display, an integral chocolate tap dessert station, and both frozen and fresh cake displays. A custom made solution designed to meet the requirements of the business was a perfect choice, saving time and maximising the space. RSS Hereford’s expert advice, coupled with meticulous planning, delivery and installation, turned the barn into a visually appealing and functional ice cream haven.

Evolution and Expansion

Larger Capacity

Grant’s dedication and hard work led to rapid growth in the ice cream venture. The introduction of three-phase power facilitated an upgrade to larger Telme production equipment. We supplied additional machines to support the development of a wholesale business, including blast freezers, further expanding the reach of the ice cream products. Eventually, a second shop was designed, supplied, and installed by our team in Seven Oaks, Kent, solidifying the success of the Latchetts farm’s diversification efforts.

Latchetts, Seven Oaks

A Farming Success Story

Grant Butler’s farm diversification journey, guided by the expertise of RSS Hereford, showcases the potential for innovation and success when combining decades of experience, meticulous planning, and cutting-edge equipment. From the initial idea to the bustling ice cream haven, this project stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between a determined farmer and a supportive partner in the form of RSS Hereford.

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