Perfect for narrow doorways and smaller work areas, the W90 offers the internal volume of a standard ice cream display with a depth of just 90cm! Thanks to its externally movable back counter it can be passed through doors with a width of 90 cm! It occupies less space on the counter side and offers a wider rear working area, unlike standard double row tubs in narrow spaces.

  • 90cm depth
  • LED Lighting
  • Great visibility of product
  • Pans included

Sevel is a professional ice cream and pastry display cabinet manufacturer, globally recognized for high performance, durable and unique designs for refrigeration. Based in Izmir, Turkey they export to more than 74 countries across the world.  We are proud to be the UK distributor for Sevel products for over 20 years.

W90 – In Depth

The W90 offers a sleek, compact design. The rear counter is
designed to be lifted when passing through narrow spaces and the
showcase reaches 90cm depth, offers a wide counter work area when
lowered again.

Double hermetic compressors (16 and above models).
Specially developed Dual Time Defrost System. (220V only)
Polyurethane monolithic case.
Heated and tempered double glazing.
Openable front glass.
LED lighting.
RAL lacquer side panels.
Wheels with/without brakes and/or fixed feet.
Rear Plexiglass sliding door or wraparound curtain.
Pans are included. 
Cooling Capacity; Tested in 60% humidity conditions at +35°C

Options to suit your business

ModelNumber of 5L PansDimensionsPower Usage
W90 12G12L1230xD900xH1260 mm220/1/50-60Hz
W90 16G16L1570xD900xH1260 mm220/1/50-60Hz
W90 18G18L1735xD900xH1260 mm220/1/50-60Hz
W90 24G24L2255xD900xH1260 mm220/1/50-60Hz