Valmar Smarty Q Range

With the Valmar Smarty Q ice cream combination machine you can pasteurise and freeze each flavour recipe independently. Cook and freeze in two separate barrels to create perfectly balanced flavours in your display cabinet. A complete lab in one machine. Available in 7kg, 12 kg and 18 kg machines, offering small, mid and large scale production for your business.

  • Intuitive easy to operate controls
  • About 30% reduction in energy and water consumption
  • Freeze from +85c to -10c in 10 mins
  • Available in single phase option

Established in 1987, Valmar Global is an innovative manufacturer of specialised machines for ice cream production, confectionery, food service and Ho.Re.Ca. Based in Volcja Draga, Slovenia, Valmar is known worldwide for seamlessly integrating cutting edge technology with reliability in all their machines.  We are proud to be the UK distributor of Valmar products since 2008.

Control your production

With three integral probes constantly monitoring parameters during production, every cycle is fully optimised. Powerful cooling capacity reduces production times.

Double lid with Hydraulic pistons for easy ingredient introduction without stopping the machine.

Manage your consumption

With three levels of heating the energy consumption is truly proportionate to the real mix quantity. Allowing you to produce both small and large quantities with the appropriate power requirements.

Options to suit your business

ModelMax Hourly I/C
Max Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
Min Vol Per Batch
(Liquid Mix)
DimensionsPower Usage
Smarty 7 Quick 1 ph48 L6 kg1.5 kgW610xD910xH1377 mm32 A – 6 Kw V 230/50/1
Smarty 7 Quick54 L7 kg1.5 kgW610xD910xH1377 mm16 A – 8.2 Kw V 400/50/3
Smarty 12 Quick96 L12 kg3 kgW610xD910xH1377 mm25 A – 11.8 Kw V 400/50/3
Smarty 18 Quick144 L18 kg3 kgW610xD1055xH1437 mm32 A – 16.3 Kw V 400/50/3