Valmar Multy P TTi

The Valmar Multy P TTi is a multi-functional machine satisfying the most demanding and complex requirements of the production of gelato, pastry and catering products. It is made up of two independently and separately operating tanks. The upper one heats and cooks up to 125°C, while the lower one cooks and freezes. The range of Multy P TTi combined units has 66 programs, some of them dedicated to heating/cooking process and some of them to cooling/batch freezing processes.

  • Pre-set programmes to suit your needs
  • User-friendly software using a 4.3 inch LCD display.
  • Valmar Combisystem inside
  • Perfect for gelato, custards, pastry and sauces

Established in 1987, Valmar Global is an innovative manufacturer of specialised machines for ice cream production, confectionery, food service and Ho.Re.Ca. Based in Volcja Draga, Slovenia, Valmar is known worldwide for seamlessly integrating cutting edge technology with reliability in all their machines.  We are proud to be the UK distributor of Valmar products since 2008.

Perfect Cooking

The innovative TTi process makes it possible to quickly heat even small mix quantities – up to 20% of maximum capacity – without the product in progress burning or sticking.

Fine texture accuracy in production even with products made of very delicate ingredients such as pastry cream. Any pre-set program guarantees high quality standards over time. Any machine function is customisable thanks to the 6 free programs to give space to your creativity.

They external wide-diameter tap, working diameter 4 cm allows the direct outgoing of products to the cooling cylinder.

Perfect Cooling

The cutting-edge Valmar COMBISYSTEM is the unique and innovative batch freezing system patented by Valmar. The system automatically adjusts to your process demands, selecting the optimal batch freezing method based on the recipe, workflow, and production rate. As a result the processed gelato does not melt quickly and is perfectly creamy, soft and easy to be worked with a spatula, even at core temperatures of -12°C. Standard overrun up to 40% of mix weight. The easily customisable software has been implemented into all the cooling procedures so not only gelato-making is possible but also confectionery, pastry and food service products are cooled according to their specific requirements.

Options to suit your business

ModelMax Vol Per BatchMin Vol Per BatchDimensionsPower Usage
Multy P 7 TTi7.5 kg1.5 kgW613xD950xH1501 mm– 11 Kw V400/50/3
Multy P 12 TTi12.5 kg2 kgW613xD950xH1501 mm– 15.34 Kw V400/50/5