Telme Ribot

The Ribot is a truly versatile machine. It blends, mixes, whips, cuts, minces, kneads, heats, cooks, maintains, tempers, pasteurizes, cools, chills and freezes food products. All in one!

  • Pre-set programs for pastry, gastronomy, chocolate and ice cream products.
  • Automate and speed up all operations that require manual skill, effort and time, guaranteeing processing with optimum cleanliness.
  • The vertical cylinder offers easy filling, constant product visibility and ingredients can be added at any time
  • New for 2024, Wifi technology! Download your own data and allow us to remotely access your machine for diagnostic, recipe download and programming help!

Established in 1987 in Codogno Italy, Telme are manufacturers of high performance machines to satisfy bars, ice cream shops, pastisseries, restaurants and hotels. Offering quality at a competitive price, we are proud to be the UK distributor of Telme equipment since 2005.

Truly Multifunctional

Perfect for many different food products thanks to a series of pre set programmes and free programs to store your recipes:

🍰 Pastry: 20 programmes

🍦 Gelato: 14 programmes

🍫 Chocolate products: 9 programmes

🥪 Gastronomy: 11 programmes

One Machine – Many Uses

  • Cut and mince : meat, fish, vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, etc.
  • Blend and mix: liquid, creamy and doughy products with adjustable settings for temperature, time and agitation
  • Knead : bread, pizza dough, pasta, etc.
  • Whip : cream, eggs, etc.
  • Allow cooking and cooling with adjustable temperature and time
  • Heat, cook, maintain at temperature: pasta, rice, meat, fish, vegetables, as well as liquid, creamy and doughy products.
  • Cool, chill: pasta, rice, meat, fish, vegetables and freezes liquid, creamy and doughy products.
  • Temper milk, white and dark chocolate.

Options to suit your business

ModelMax Vol Per BatchMin Vol Per BatchDimensionsPower Usage
Ribot T 1010 L3 LW490xD600xH1100 mmA 14 – Kw 5.5 V400/50/3
Ribot T 1818 L5 LW510xD700xH1150 mmA 18 – Kw 7.7 V400/50/3
Ribot T 3030 L8 LW550xD780xH1200 mmA 19 – Kw 8.2 V400/50/3
Ribot T 6060 L15 LW620xD850xH1250 mmA 24 – Kw13 V400/50/3

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