Techfrost Entry Line

Functionality and simplicity are the Entry line’s distinguishing traits. Equipped with intuitive electronics, this range of machines has the superior power with an easy to use control panel

  • Fast blast chilling and freezing
  • Choose between a timed cycle or a probe cycle.
  • Pre-cools the machine to +5c before inserting product to stop dryness.
  • Hard blast cycle working at -40c
  • Soft blast cycle working at -3c for delicate products

Techfrost specialise in the design, engineering and production of superior blast chillers / freezers.  Established in Italy in 1995, their cutting edge technology is the first choice for ice cream and pastry professionals, restaurants, and catering experts all over the world.  We are proud to be the UK distributor for Techfrost products since 2007.

Blast Chilling and Freezing

Blast chilling is the process that brings the temperature
at the core of a cooked product from +90°C to +3°C
within 90 minutes. Afterwards the product can be kept in
the refrigerator at a temperature of +2/3 °C for several
days and can be brought back to the temperature of
consuming within 1 hour before being consumed

Blast freezing is the process that brings the temperature
at the core of a product from +90 °C to –18 °C within 240
minutes. Afterwards the product can be stored in the
refrigerator for several days at a temperature of –20 °C.

It is possible to choose between a timed cycle or a probe cycle. A probe cycle will end when the product has
reached the set temperature at its core, provided that a
core probe is being used; a timed cycle will end when
the set time has run out

From the smallest, three tray machine, right up to roll in trolley machines. We have the right size for you.

Perfect for Gelato

Working at -40 degrees the Entry Line blast freezers swiftly lower freshly made ice-cream, keeping its shape and softness. Hardening the surface and maintaining the overrun in just 10 minutes for each load makes a perfect solution for both display and storage.

With market leading power and air speed the blast freezer performance guarantees the preservation of the texture, flavour, and consistency of the gelato, extending its shelf life. and ensuring the best results for you. The Entry Line is designed to accommodate the maximum number of classic stainless steel ‘Napoli’ pans or even the larger wide pans, pots and tubs. Pozzetti carapina too!

Options to suit your business

ModelTray CapacityNumber of Flat 5L
Napoli Pans
Blast Freeze StatsBlast Chill TempPower UsageDimensions
JOF 9233 trays GN2/32‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 4.9 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 7 Kg230V/1Ph/50HzW600xD664xH400 mm
JOF ONE3 trays GN1/16‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 8 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 12 Kg230V/1Ph/50HzW675xD809xH580 mm
E55 trays GN1/16‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 14 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 20 Kg230V/1Ph/50HzW820xD740xH920 mm
E88 trays GN1/19‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 16 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 25 Kg230V / 1Ph / 50HzW820xD740xH1290 mm
E1010 trays GN1/115‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 18 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 28 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW820xD800xH1730 mm
E1515 trays GN1/121‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 27 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 45 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW820xD800xH1930 mm
E2020 trays GN1/130‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 45 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 75 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW820xD1040xH2293 mm
EB401 trolley 20 trays GN1/1, GN2/130‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 70 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 100 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW650xD840xH1900 mm
E2001 trolley 20 trays GN1/130‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 70 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 100 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW450xD724xH1900 mm
E4001 trolley 20 trays GN2/160‘+90°C -18°C in 240’ = 145 Kg‘+90°C +3°C in 90’ = 180 Kg400V / 3Ph / 50HzW1600xD1243xH2180 mm