The 6040 range of showcases includes refrigerated, hot and neutral cabinets. It is characterized by a small difference in height between the work surface and the display area, which is always in line even when display cases are
joined together. The minimalist style of 6040 allows
designers and planners to easily insert this type of
showcase in any design and stylistic context

The range is available in 3 depths (625, 800, 1000) and 14
types of glass structures.

    Ciam, based in Perugia, Italy, combines superior design and technology to create refrigerated and ambient showcases and counter systems for bars, pastry shops, ice cream shops and restaurants. A favourite of interior designers, Ciam has distinguished itself over the years for its reliability and high quality of its products.  We are proud to be the UK distributor of Ciam products since 2012.