Cafe Delight at Beaumont Patisserie

Beaumont Patisserie, a well-established catering supply business, met RSS Hereford initially to discuss ice cream solutions. Choosing the right multifunctional machine resulted in a long partnership, streamlining existing production and a project to create a beautiful cafe in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

It started with ice cream…

In their quest to add another quality product to their menu, Beaumont Patisserie attended a “Introduction to Gelato” demonstration in our Hereford demo kitchen. Our team quickly recognised that there was an opportunity to not only meet their ice cream making needs but also assist with the production of their existing core patisserie products. The versatile Valmar Multy P TTi multifunctional machine was the perfect choice for both. Renowned for producing exceptional gelato and sorbetto, the machine was a game-changer. After we completed the delivery, installation and training, they began utilising the machine not only for crafting delectable frozen treats but also for making fresh fruit curds, sauces, fudge, and more. This innovation not only reduced food waste but also added efficiency and diversity to their production processes.

Blast Freezer For Distribution Efficiency

As our partnership deepened, Beaumont Patisserie required a robust solution for preserving the quality of their patisserie during distribution. We supplied them with a spacious Techfrost MB40 Blast Freezer – a Double Trolley Blast Chiller Shock Freezer with Rolling “in/out” front and rear doors. This high-capacity freezer ensured that their delicate creations reached customers across the Midlands and beyond in perfect condition.

Tailor-Made Shop Design

Embracing the evolving partnership, Beaumont Patisserie sought our expertise in designing and installing their new Tea Rooms in the historic Stratford Upon Avon. The challenge was to create an inviting space that showcased their patisserie treats, bespoke sandwiches, baguettes, and fine teas and coffees while remaining sympathetic to the historical setting.

We designed, built, and installed a tailor-made counter and backfitting, incorporating the flexible and visually stunning “multi-level refrigerated” Sevel Baroque Vision displays. These displays, featuring one with 3 levels and another with 4 levels, allowed for a dynamic presentation of their diverse product range. The result was a harmonious integration of functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Beaumont Patisserie now stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved through a comprehensive approach to catering supply solutions. The incorporation of the Valmar Multy P TTi machine, the large-scale blast chiller, and the innovative counter and Sevel Baroque Vision displays has not only elevated their product offerings but has also contributed to operational efficiency, reduced waste, and an enhanced customer experience in their Tea Room.

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