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Counter Design & Fitting

Our philosophy is simple: we care. Most of our shop design and installation work comes through word of mouth recommendation and we think this is a great testimonial for our service.

We have the design expertise and experience to help you create a stunning ice cream parlour, café or restaurant. Our specially trained designers can help with the design of your coffee shop, deli or bar.

In order to proceed with your enquiry there will be some questions we will need the answers to:

  • have you already secured a property that we can design a layout for? If so do you have 'to scale' drawings that we can work from?
  • timescale is very important: if a more immediate delivery is required we can consider stock items or just supply stand alone display cabinets.
  • we can design a layout and propose equipment to match your budget level as long as we are aware of the budget available; this saves time for both of us!
  • what products do you wish to display/retail in your shop? Do you want to sell Ice cream and how many flavours, hot drinks, smoothies, cold drinks, alcohol, cakes, savoury products, hot food etc. etc.? Will it be self service or waitress service?

Following our initial discussion and subsequent site visit we can prepare a 2D layout drawing and a budget cost. We will then refine the drawing and provide a detailed quotation based on your feedback. Once an order has been given and a deposit paid we will provide full service drawings of the agreed counter layout which you can use for builders, electricians and plumbers.

Modular Solutions

Most of the display cabinets in our range can be used alongside our modular counter systems to produce a seamless solution. One of our designers will work with you to prepare a retail counter layout that meets your needs and suits your market.

The almost infinite number of bar counter and display cabinet combinations and dozens of standard finishes mean there’s little danger of having to compromise. We can find the perfect design for your coffee shop, deli or restaurant. Back fittings can include halogen downlights, mirrors, adjustable glass shelves, box shelves, illuminated shelves and cupboards that match the front counters. Sinks, integral refrigerators, coffee machine platforms, suction hoods and numerous other options can be added to create a highly individual and practical space.

Modular solutions Modular solutions

By nature of being modular systems, they’re very quick to install. A retail counter system using a modular solution can be usually fitted in two days.