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“Thank you all for your hospitality last week. The demo day was incredibly informative and even more importantly,
great fun!”

Katy and Georgia

"I would like to pass my sincere thanks to you and your team for the fantastic service I have received from everyone at RSS. It has been a long and sometimes difficult process to move from "idea" to having an open gelateria. We are very nearly there, Friday is D Day. Your fitting team who came up yesterday were really attentive, careful and knowledgeable which gave me and my team much needed re-assurance. I am looking forward to opening the next four Gelateria in the next couple of years, so please keep the prices keen and the service high !!"
Casa Bella, Keswick

‘It’s wonderful to have someone who shares the same vision for the ultimate ice cream experience."
Richard Gloster, Managing Director, Cadwalader Ice Cream

"With RSS’s help, I’m now using my premises to its maximum effect."
Chris Williams, Christopher’s Bakery, Norfolk

"RSS have a complete understanding of the ice cream parlour business from first hand experience. They designed an efficient working layout that is essential for a busy ice cream parlour."
Geoff Wraithmell, Charlotte's Real Jersey Ice Cream, Dewsbury and Wakefield

'RSS provided the initial idea of making our own ice cream 9 years ago and have continued to help us to develop our business to this day – ice cream is now our life!"
Paul and Eirlys Cole, Llanfaes Dairy, Brecon

"After foot and mouth, we knew we wanted to diversify into making ice cream but we didn't know where to start until we were recommended to contact RSS. They supplied all our equipment and taught us everything we needed to know to open our ice cream parlour on the farm."
Claire Bland, Abbot Lodge Jersey Ice Cream, Clifton, Nr Penrith.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for all you did to get us back into production at what is our busiest time of the year. Without your quick reaction and turnaround of the machine we’d have been out of business, literally! Now we’re back to business as usual and our customers have no idea we had this hiccup – which is the way I like it. So please let everyone at RSS know our appreciation for what was done! And you can be assured that we’ll be your loyal customers for many years to come – this kind of service is what makes the difference between one supplier and another."
Alex Fubini at Ice Cream Union, London

I" just wanted to drop you a note to thank your team for their fast response last week to the breakdown of my batch freezer. Both the help over the phone, and the visit the next day got me up and running again by lunchtime – about 24 hours after the problem started."
Tim Pike, Northney Ice Cream.

“RSS helped with everything, from sourcing machinery down to lists of ingredients,” explains Clare Bland, Abbott Lodge Jersey Ice Cream

David Equi shareholder of Nardini’s and owner of Equi’s of Hamilton, says “After working in the lab myself over Christmas I am very pleased with the result – its amazing how you fitted all the equipment into this small space and it was so well thought out – you really know what you are doing”

“I’ll always choose to work with RSS,” says Ray Disotto of Octavio’s, Edinburgh, “they’re always on the phone, checking everything’s OK.”

Ray Disotto from Octavio’s in Edinburgh says, “Having the shock freezer means we’re doing something that no one else is doing.”

Neil and Linsey Butler from Stewart Tower Dairy say, “RSS Hereford were tremendously helpful. John and Neil James’ expertise is second to none – they know everything there is to know. They gave us all the advice we needed when we first started – and they’re still on hand to give us advice when we need it now!”

‘Paul.Apologies. Forgot to say 'thank you' for all your help on Friday. You were fantastic. Why do these machines always break down on a sunny, busy day??! It turned out to be a water problem, even though, the 000 wasn't showing on screen. When rebooted water pump nothing happened. Think whole station must have been short of water. At least Wales won the rugby! Take it easy!"
Jane at Tutti