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Wheelbirks Northumbrian Dairy Ice Cream, Northumberland

Wheelbirks Farm in Northumberland is a 360 acre mixed farm owned by brothers Hugh and Tom Richardson. There has been a dairy herd of Jersey cows at the farm since 1925 and that original herd was the first herd of Jerseys to be introduced to the area.

Of course, the difficulties faced by farmers have changed over the years. Despite being sound dairy farmers, the Richardsons were facing the problems brought about by the general decline in milk prices. It was this decline that led them to diversify into artisan ice cream production. The brothers say it was an easy decision to make: after all, they could continue to sell milk at 28p per litre or they could put some of it into ice cream production and make a lot more.

In 2001, with support and advice from RSS Hereford, Hugh and Tom invested in some Italian ice cream machines, a pasteuriser and a walk-in freezer.

The ice cream has proved to be a phenomenal success: Wheelbirks ice cream is sold in restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops and petrol stations in the area. Hugh and Tom can also be found selling their ice cream at regional shows and food fairs and they have the contract to supply Alnwick Garden, which needs ten to fifteen half tons per year.

The brothers are clear as to the reason for their success: the quality of their ice cream, which is made on the farm, so they can keep a close eye on production. It starts with the creamy milk from their Jersey cows which gives the finished product a distinctively smooth taste. Standard flavours include vanilla, wild cherry, chocolate and strawberry, but the range has a reputation for more unusual flavours too. Rosehip and rosebud is popular at Alnwick Garden and their gin and tonic sorbet is award-winning. But perhaps the most unusual flavour is garlic, which Hugh and Tom created for the local garlic festival. And just like all their other flavours, it’s a flavour people will keep coming back for!

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